dimarts, de novembre 30, 2004

To be or not to be .. Spanish or Catalan?

I interviewed three women about this thing being Catalan or Spanish.

First person was 30 year old and original Catalan. She used to live in a small village in Catalnunya, but has been now living in Barcelona for maybe eight years. She said that she felt more Catalan when she lived in that small village, but when she moved to Barcelona, her feelings changed a little. In Barcelona there are many people from all parts of Spain and also other countries. Barcelona is getting more and more international. She still feels like Catalan, but not so strongly.

She thinks that the independency of Catalonia is now impossible and she wouldn't want it anyway.

The second person was 22 years. Her parents are from Spain but she lived all her live in Germany. Now she has been living in Barcelona for about four months. She speaks fluent Spanish and German. Her mother comes from Galicia and her father from a town near Madrid. Hr grandparents and sisters live now in Spain. She said she feels Spanish. In her opinion, she doesn't want Catalunya to be independent and she also thinks that Catalnunya wouldn't make it on its own.

I interviewed also third person. She is 21. She was born and has lived all her life in Barelona. Her mother is originally from Barcelona and her father from other part of Spain. She said she feels both, Catalan and Spanish, maybe because of her parents and family. She is not interested in politics and doesn't really want Catalunya to be independent. She thinks it's not a good idea at all.